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Equipment information

We are your one stop for complete solutions to your projects rail car or truck unloading requirements.   

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Rail car unloading systems


1.  RUMig3-rail car unloading machine

     Most Popular-this model can come with 1, 2 or 4 conveyors.

     Click here for full FAQ's document on RUMig3

2.  RUM lite mini-rail car unloading machine

     This model is the mini version of the RUM lite

3.  RUM-rail car unloading machine portable

     This model sits on top of the existing rail and does not go in the       ground.  

4.  In-ground traditional pit system-complete solution.

     Please call for details.

Truck unloading sytems


1.  1260C-portable truck unloading system

      Unloading trucks with this model since 1992.

2.  ST-stationary truck unloading system


3.  Tig-truck unloading system in ground

1.  We can build any conveyor you need for your operation or project.  Just tell us what your requirements are, and we can build it.  
Reclaim system


1.  RC-coal and other products reclaimer

Rail car vibrator


1.  RV-rail car vibrator

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