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Ashross Projects worldwide

Old Castle, Texas


























This machine is working on the East Coast of the United States. This video shows you how to setup and operate the Ashross RUMig3-2. Please know that you can also purchase this same piece of equipment with one discharge conveyor, two discharge conveyors (the equipment in the video) or four discharge conveyors.



        The Ashross 1260C


Ashross RUMig3-2 Kinder Morgan, Fairless Hills, PA
Ashross Feed system explained

Ashross RUMig3-Mexico

This video is shot by our partner in Mexico.  It shows the RUMig3 that was installed and is functioning in Mexico right now.  

RUMig3-2 in PA, USA

The Ashross RUM

This video shows the Ashross RUM being installed and operating at Kennecott here in Utah.  Kennecott is now owned by Rio Tinto.  This machine was unloading coal at the power plant close to I-80.  




























This is a video shot by the customer of the Ashross RUMig3 with a single discharge conveyor from the moment the gates open on the rail cars until the it finishes the rail car. It is unloading coal at 63 lbs a cubic foot and the main belt is running at 800 fpm. There are 114 short tons in the rail car or 104 metric tons



Ashross RUMig3-Mexico


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